Black’s Law Dictionary Digital

BlddigitalHere’s an interesting product available on a digital version of Black’s Law Dictionary. Besides providing easy desktop access to BLD, it integrates with both Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Word, including incorporation of the correct spellings of legal terms into the WordPerfect and Word spell-checkers. So if you’re document contains a word like usufruct, the spell-checker won’t go, “Huh?”, but instead will (if necessary) prompt you with the correct spelling.

Hyperlinks in legal writing

For a while, I’ve realized that I can put a hyperlink in a Word document. But it never occurred to me to use that feature in legal writing, until I read this post by Australian barrister Stephen Warne, in which he describes how he used this feature to link to legal authorities cited in his writing. If you’re sending your client a Word or PDF document with legal citations, there’s no reason not to use this feature to give your client instant access to a cited authority.

Making the link is easy — bloggers do it in their sleep. For instructions, read Stephen’s post or this item from StudentCentral.