Trying out a new design

Presentation matters. With that thought in mind, I’ve redesigned The (New) Legal Writer. Or more accurately, I’ve installed one of TypePad’s prefabricated designs, one called “Minimalist Red.” If you don’t see the new design, you may need to hit the “refresh” or “reload” button on your browser.

Experimenting with a new layout

I’m experimenting with a new layout for this blog: posts on the left, two-column sidebar on the right. I remember reading somewhere that when people read on screen, the first place they look is in the upper left corner of the window. So I decided to re-arrange the blog to move the posts closer to the upper left corner. Compare this layout to the posts-in-the-middle layout on Minor Wisdom, and let me know which you prefer. (If the layout here looks the same as before, hit the refresh/reload button on your browser.)

I’ve also added a recent-comments list to the sidebar. I hope that encourages more of you to leave comments.