For punctuation geeks, an interesting decision by the U.S. 2nd Circuit
Very superstitious writing on the wall—and many other places.

Why I blog about things I barely know

Today’s Daily Meditation by Henri Nouwen describes the satisfaction I get from blogging:

Often we think that we do not know enough to be able to teach others. We might even become hesitant to tell others what we know, out of fear that we won’t have anything left to say when we are asked for more.

This mind-set makes us anxious, secretive, possessive, and self-conscious. But when we have the courage to share generously with others all that we know, whenever they ask for it, we soon discover that we know a lot more than we thought. It is only by giving generously from the well of our knowledge that we discover how deep that well is.

If you ever considered starting your own blog, maybe this will be a word of encouragement.