This pun hurts.
An inspiring quotation by Albert Einstein

’Fess up: How many of you are this rigorous all the time?

This quotation caught my eye. It comes courtesy of Bryan Garner’s legal-writing blog:

The order of ideas in a sentence or paragraph should be such that the reader need not rearrange them in his mind. The natural arrangement of ideas in critical argument is: Statement of problem; Marshaling of evidence, first on main points, then on subsidiary ones — the same sequence kept throughout the argument; Credibility of evidence examined; Statement of possible implications of all evidence not wholly rejected; The weighing of conflicting evidence in the scale of probability; and Verdict.

—Robert Graves & Alan Hodge, The Reader Over Your Shoulder 171 (1943).

I wish I were this rigorous all of the time. A quotation worth printing out, clipping, and taping to the bathroom mirror.