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Christmas in September: The latest J. ALWD has hit the streets.

With all due respect to Scribes, I think that J. ALWD (Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors) is the # 1 cutting-edge legal-writing periodical in this country. So it’s always big news here at T(N)LW when the latest issue of J. ALWD hits the streets. Today it’s double-plus-big news. The latest issue has hit the streets, and its name has been changed to better reflect its content: Legal Communication and Rhetoric. So scoot on over to this web page, where you’ll find the table of contents and links to the articles.

(Hat tip to Legal Writing Prof Blog—my kind of people.)


Mark Wojcik

The latest issue of the Scribes Journal contains the transcripts of Bryan Garner's interviews with justices of the U.S. Supreme Court and their views on legal writing and advocacy. So it's hard to beat that issue in particular for it's wow factor. But yes, you're right Ray, JALWD is a great publication and its nice to see it now with a new name that better reflects its content.

Thanks also for your kind words about the Legal Writing Prof Blog!


Of course I don't mean to denigrate the Scribes journal. Quite the contrary—I enjoy reading it cover to cover. Just that, if I had to rank the two, I'd rank J. ALWD first.

Ruth Anne Robbins

You have made the week of our authors. Not to mention that of our editorial board. Legal scholarship that is read by practioners = the holy grail. Thank you for believing in our publication mission.

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