Then again, sometimes excessive figures of speech can be delightful.
Comma chameleon

Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage (3d ed. 2011)

GDLU Oxford University Press recently released the third edition of Bryan A. Garner’s dictionary of legal usage. It’s Its predecessor, A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage (2d ed. 1995) is 16 years old, so it was due for an update. The third edition has a new title, Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage. It also features citations for illustrative quotations (the first and second editions omitted those citations). OUP lists the selling price as $65, but I got mine from for considerably less.

If you take your legal writing seriously, you need a book like this within arm’s reach of your desk.


Jim Covington


andrew lilly

Ray, you made an it's/its error in this post.


I sure did. Just goes to show you that every writer needs an editor.


It is very expensive. If one includes (international) shipping.

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