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Bryan Garner seminars: live or on the web

If you’re looking for some quality CLE, you may want to check out Bryan Garner’s upcoming webinars and live seminars.

Here’s his webinar lineup:

  • Better Brief-Writing in 60 Minutes, Feb. 18.
  • Better Grammar for Lawyers, Feb. 23 and Mar. 1
  • Better Punctuation for Lawyers, Mar. 11
  • Better Legal Memos in 60 Minutes, Mar. 17

For information and on-line registration, click here.

If you’re anywhere near one of the cities listed below, think about signing up for Bryan’s Advanced Legal Writing and Editing seminar:

  • Kansas City - Feb. 8
  • St. Louis - Feb. 9
  • Miami - Feb. 17
  • Louisville - Feb. 25
  • Nashville - March 1
  • Little Rock - March 4
  • Houston - March 15
  • Austin - March 18
  • Phoenix - March 24
  • Dallas - March 31

If you’ve never attended this seminar before, I promise you it’ll be well worth your time and you’re firm’s money.

And if you’re anywhere near Phoenix on March 25 or Dallas on April 1, and if your practice involves drafting contracts, you may want to consider signing up for Bryan’s Advanced Legal Drafting seminar. I haven’t taken that one myself, but if it’s as good as the Garner seminars I have taken, it will blow your contract-drafting mind.