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Bryan Garner hits the road

In September and October, Bryan Garner is hitting the road with three CLE seminars: Advanced Legal Writing & Editing, Ethical Communications for Lawyers, and Advanced Legal Drafting. Bryan knows his stuff, and he presents it as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. Here’s a rundown of the stops on his tour:

  • Phoenix: Sept. 1 (ALW&E and ECL) and Sept. 2 (ALD)
  • Denver: Sept. 14 (ALW&E)
  • Atlanta: Sept. 17 (ALW&E and ECL) and Sept. 18 (ALD)
  • Portland, OR: Sept. 21 (ALW&E)
  • Seattle: Sept. 22 (ALW&E and ECL) and Sept. 23 (ALD)
  • San Diego: Sept. 28 (ALW&E)
  • Los Angeles: Sept. 29 (ALW&E and ECL) and Sept. 30 (ALD)
  • Sacramento: Oct. 7 (ALW&E)
  • San Francisco: Oct. 8 (ALW&E and ECL) and Oct. 9 (ALD)
  • New Orleans: Oct. 13 (ALW&E)

To download the brochure, click here. To register on-line, click on the seminar links above.



I went to the Advanced Legal Writing & Editing seminar when he came through Kansas City. It was probably the best thing I could do for my practice.

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