Counting Each Shot — seminar materials
How the exception proves the rule


Martin Magnusson

If fourteen-word sentences are long, our profession is in serious trouble.

Ray Ward

I guess I should have added that not all of Doug's tips are appropriate for legal writing. For example, I would avoid sentence fragments. I also agree that an average sentence length of 14 words may be extreme for what we do. But I do believe that legal writers have a lot to learn from writers in other fields, and that we should at least consider ideas like these, and not reject them without a good reason. ("I've never done it that way before" isn't a good reason.)


Stern's talking about BUSINESS writing, not LEGAL writing.

Here's what an attorney should do with Stern's excellent advice — apply it when writing client alerts, blog posts, magazine articles, etc. — especially if you to attract an audience.

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