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One more CLE opportunity

CLE opportunities

If you’re looking for some good legal-writing CLE, then check these out:

  • Between February 3 and April 1, Bryan Garner will hit the road with his Advanced Legal Writing & Editing seminar. Tour stops are in Detroit, MI (Feb. 3), Kansas City, MO (Feb. 6), Miami, FL (Feb. 20), Louisville, KY (Mar. 3), Nashville, TN (Mar. 9), Austin, TX (Mar. 17), Houston, TX (Mar. 20), Phoenix, AZ (Mar. 24), and Dallas, TX (Apr. 1). He will also teach his Advanced Legal Drafting seminar in Phoenix, AZ (Mar. 25) and Dallas, TX (Apr. 3). Several years ago, I attended the Advanced Legal Writing & Editing seminar, so I can assure you that it will be well worth your time and money. I’ve never attended the Advanced Legal Drafting seminar, but if it’s a typical Bryan Garner seminar, it too will be worthwhile.
  • On May 29–31, the ABA Council of Appellate Lawyers will holds its 14th Appellate Practice Institute at Northwestern Law School in Chicago. This seminar is unique in that it requires registrants to do some work. It’s like a moot-court workshop. A few weeks before the seminar, registrants will receive record and must write and send in a short brief (15-page limit). During the seminar, each registrant presents oral argument to a panel of three faculty members (two judges and one seasoned appellate attorney). Both the brief and the oral argument are critiqued. I attended this seminar when it was held in New Orleans in (I think) 2000. It’s very good, especially for younger lawyers. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a registration link on the CAL web page. So I’ve taken the liberty of scanning and uploading the flyer, which you can download by clicking here.


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