Footnotes in drafts
A glitch in the feed


Joanna Young


rita Robison

Why is there no cap on "new" in your blog name? Did you do it that way on purpose or did you make a typo?

I'm a journalist and I notice typos.

Ray Ward

Joanna: Thanks, as always, for reading and for your support. Coming from you, it means a lot.

Rita: If you're referring to the TypePad blurb, the lower case in "new" was their doing, not mine. When I mention this blog's title in a sentence, I usually put it in all lower case.

The logo in the banner is all lower case, not because I have an e.e. cummings fixation, but simply because I like the look. (When designing a logo, non-standard capitalization is okay.)

By the way, it's the "(new)" legal writer because its predecessor was called "The Legal Writer." The parentheses around the word "new" are harder to explain. I guess I did that because "new" doesn't modify "writer" or any other word in the title; instead it sort of modifies the entire title. There's no punctuation that I know of to indicate that, so I appropriated the parentheses, to set the word apart from the rest of the title.

Wayne Schiess

That's great. Your blog is great; you deserve the recognition.

Alan Childress

Waiter, what is the TypePad Featured Blog du jour of the day?

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