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More child’s play

Some people who resist plain-English legal writing think that legal ideas are too complex to be conveyed in simple language. Those people should know about Dr. Yvette Hancock, who found a way to write about quantum physics so that a child can understand:

Translating complex quantum physics theories into simple stories for youngsters is all in a day's work for Dr Yvette Hancock from the School of Physics and Materials Engineering at Monash University.

Dr Hancock began writing children’s books on quantum physics theories [in 2003] after completing her thesis.

She has already completed one children’s story featuring Ellie the Electron  and there are many more in the pipeline.


Her first review was from nine-year-old critic Katherine Morgan, who said she loved the story and had brought lead character Ellie the Electron to life with a drawing....

If Dr. Hancock can explain quantum physics so that a nine-year-old can understand, I think we lawyers should be able to explain what we do so that a reasonably intelligent adult can understand.

(Hat tip to Improbable Research.)