I don’t recommend this, but ...
Now that’s concise

A good way to impress people at parties. Not.

What do you call the symbol ¶ ? Thanks to BeldarBlog, we now know that it’s called a pilcrow. The history and etymology is at the mostly reliable Wikipedia.

It seems that § does not have a sexy name like “pilcrow”; it’s just called a section sign.

Incidentally, if you want to type a ¶, hold the ALT key down and hit 20 on your numeric keypad (make sure the NumLock is engaged). To type §, same instructions, except hit 21 instead of 20.



How about @


Colin Samuels

"Section Sign"? How tragic. I've always referred to it as the "Hurricane S" because it looks like the weather symbol for hurricanes. Either that or because it made my professional life 1% less dreary!

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