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Love yourself

Too often, lawyers who manage to develop good writing skills fail to apply those skills to their own marketing materials. Dan Binstock, writing for Counsel to Counsel, has noticed the same thing. Commenting about many lawyers’ web-site bios, he writes:

Attorneys are trained to be persuasive communicators. Especially in terms of persuasive writing. Especially litigators. But why do so many litigators have biographies that are completely unpersuasive about their skills as an attorney? Don’t you think it would make sense for attorneys to illustrate and highlight their persuasive skills when it comes to advocating for themselves? If associates can’t advocate for themselves or make a compelling case whey they have something to offer their clients, what impression does this leave potential clients who are reviewing the firm's website?

If you’ve worked hard to develop skills of persuasion, use them to market yourself. If writing is your chief persuasive skill, then write yourself a winning bio.