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For Bridging the Gap participants (and other interested persons)

This afternoon I am giving a one-hour presentation to newly sworn-in lawyers as part of the Louisiana Bar Association's Bridging the Gap seminar. For those participants — and anyone else who may be interested — here are some materials to supplement the presentation:

Forms. I generally recommend against reliance on forms, for two reasons. First, there's never a guarantee that a form you get from another lawyer (not even one from me!) complies with the rules. Second, even a form that was good when created will inevitably fail to keep up with changes in the rules. With those warnings in mind, here are some samples of appellate papers that I've written within the last few years. If you use these, please please consult the rules to verify compliance. If anything in any of these samples conflicts with the current version of a rule, follow the rule; don't follow the sample.


Bill Henderson

thanks for this information, I have just had to appeal and needed the refresher info.

shreveport defense lawyers

Awesome! Thanks or the VERY informative info. I especially like the information designed to help us learn & recognize the 30 day rule for supervisory writs, This has always been an area of confussion for me & many other La. Lawyers. The rules and dates used to appear to conflict as did the dates, when the Judge waited too long to set the return date. Thanks to you and your posting I now fully understand it & won;t miss a deadline

I look forward to reading more. I hope you do nmot mind it I re-post your information on other sites *CREDTITING YOU & YOUR NAME FI RTHE HARD WIRK ABD THE WRITING , OF COURSE.

Melissa Sugar

I am very new to blogging and it is takng a lot of tiem (that I do not have ) to figure it our, but the information I have found on your blog is invaluable and will save me so much time on research, thus allowing me more time to spend with my kids. Thank you

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