Irving Younger, Symptoms of Bad Writing

Certworthy, Winter 2006 issue

As many of you know, Certworthy is an appellate newsletter written and edited by the DRI Appellate Advocacy Committee and published by DRI. The Winter 2006 issue includes the following articles:

  • The Right to Appeal: Are Its Days Numbered? by Ralph Johnson III
  • Interlocutory Appeals Under 28 U.S.C. § 1292(b): Turning Vinegar Into Wine, by Eric P. Schroeder and Benjamin T. Erwin
  • Livelier Briefs: A Symposium
    • Say It With Feeling: Aim for the Heart, or Go for the Gut, by Daniel P. Barer
    • "Tell Me a Story!" by Robert M. Frey
    • Use a Picture to Tell Your Story, by Ed R. Haden
  • Recent Developments: Bujol v. Entergy Services, Inc.: Revisited and Reaffirmed
  • Style Points for Exemplary Briefs: A Former Court Attorney's View, by Matthew S. Lerner1
  • John Bailey's The Lost German Slave Girl, book review by Roger W. Hughes

To download a PDF copy, just click here.

1 Matt Lerner is proprietor of New York Civil Law.