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If you subscribed to this blog before August 29 of this year, this message is for you. The service I was using for email subscriptions to this blog is no longer supported by Google and, since around July, stopped working. So if you want to resume receiving email updates to this blog, look at the box on the right side of the screen that says, “Never miss a post.” Tap or click on the “Subscribe” button, and follow the directions. (If you’ve already resubscribed since August 29, no need to do anything.)

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Check out my appellate blogroll

I just did a little tidying up of my appellate blogroll, which you’ll find in the right column near the bottom. I deleted some blogs that have not been updated in more than two months. And I added the IMLA Appellate Practice Blog, produced by the International Municipal Lawyers Association. Among its offerings are writing tips and appellate-court news. One of the contributors is Ann Schwing, whom I know through Scribes.

So check out the appellate blogroll. It now includes 23 appellate blogs from across the country. If you know of a worthwhile appellate blog that’s not listed, send me an e-mail and we’ll see about curing the omission.