Next year’s DRI Appellate Seminar

For those who like to plan way, way ahead, DRI has announced its 2022 CLE schedule, with the Appellate Advocacy Seminar scheduled for November 1–2, 2022 in San Diego. DRI’s programs are generally first-rate. I’ve attended 15 of their Appellate Advocacy Seminars over the years, and they’ve all been terrific. It’s too soon to register, but not too soon to block out the dates.

CLE materials on persuasive brief writing

Last July, I gave a CLE presentation on making every part of a brief persuasive—even the cover. This presentation built on one I participated in last March with Kelly Becker and Judge Sandra Cabrina Jenkins (La. 4th Cir.). While the March presentation was based on the Louisiana rules, the July presentation was based on the federal rules. For anyone who’s interested, here are links to the July version of the written materials and slide presentation

For “Bridging the Gap” participants

Today, I gave a one-hour CLE presentation on appellate practice for the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Bridging the Gap webinar for newly sworn-in lawyers. For the participants and anyone else who may be interested, here are some bonus goodies.

First, here are some resources on typography:

Next, here are some sample briefs and motions. I offer these with the caution to avoid over-reliance on others’ work product for other cases

Finally, in case you missed the presentation:

A plug for the LSBA Advanced Appellate Practice webinar

If you’re looking for appellate CLE, then please consider registering for the Louisiana State Bar Association’s upcoming Advanced Appellate Practice Webinar, to be held on the afternoon of April 9, 2021. The program offers two hours of appellate CLE. In the first hour, attorney Thomas Flanagan will interview newly elected Supreme Court Justice Piper Griffin. The second hour will be a panel presentation on how to make every part of your brief persuasive, from cover to conclusion. The panel includes Judge Guy Holdridge of the Louisiana First Circuit, Judge Sandra Cabrina Jenkins of the Louisiana Fourth Circuit, attorney Kelly Becker of Liskow & Lewis, and me. To view more information about the program or to register online, follow this link.

Appellate CLE offered by the New Orleans Bar Association

If you’re looking for appellate CLE, the New Orleans Bar Association has an inexpensive offering for you: a one-hour discussion of appellate practice with a pair of Louisiana chief judges: Chief Judge McKay of the Fourth Circuit and Chief Judge Chehardy of the Fifth Circuit. Attorneys Kelly Becker and Leigh Ann Schell will moderate. It’s only $20 for NOBA members and $40 for non-members. It’s going to be a Zoom webinar, so no travel time or expenses. For more information or to register, follow this link.

For “Bridging the Gap” participants

This morning, I gave a one-hour CLE presentation on appellate practice for the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Bridging the Gap webinar, a program for new lawyers. For those who attended the program (and anyone else who may be interested), here are some links and things to supplement my written materials:

CLE on the science and rhetoric of persuasive writing

This one-hour CLE session looks promising: Legal Writing: A Judge’s Perspective on the Science and Rhetoric of the Written Word. The presented is Judge Robert E. Bacharach of the U.S. Tenth Circuit. It’s sponsored by the ABA and the ABA Council of Appellate Lawyers. The program “will draw on the field of psycholinguistics, using numerous examples from famous oratory and passages from briefs and opinions by well-known judges and advocates.” The registration fee is $99 for non-member of the ABA, $59 for ABA members and $39 for members of the ABA Council of Appellate Lawyers.

While you’re at it, if you’re an appellate lawyer and ABA member, you might consider joining the Council of Appellate Lawyers. I’ve benefited from my membership in the CAL; so will you.

LSBA appellate webinar on October 2

On October 2, 2020, the LSBA will hold a two-hour CLE on appellate practice. Thomas Flanagan will interview three judges: Judge Sylvia Cooks (La. Third Circuit), Judge Kyle Duncan (U.S. Fifth Circuit), and Justice William Crain (La. Supreme Court). According to the seminar flyer, “The interviews will focus on appellate practice, including the inner workings of the courts and attributes of effective written and oral advocacy.” Follow these links for more information about this webinar: