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Appellate specialization in Louisiana

Louis LaCour, chair of the Louisiana State Bar Association’s appellate section reports on an important vote yesterday by the LSBA House of Delegates:

Everyone: I’m please to report that the Louisiana House of Delegates considered and approved, by a narrow margin, the creation of a new specialty in Appellate Practice in the state of Louisiana at its semi-annual meeting yesterday in Destin, Florida.

The measure was presented by Kendrick Guidry, a member of the Louisiana board of Legal Specialty. I presented our support on behalf of the Appellate Section of the LSBA, and another house delegate (E. Phelps Gay) spoke in support as well. The passage of this resolution is somewhat historic in that it is the first to be approved since the moratorium on new specialties was lifted more than 10 years ago.

Special thanks go to Barbara Shafransky, Executive Director of the LBLS, for her tireless efforts aiding this effort. And many thanks to all of you, as well as multiple members of the appellate bench for their support.

The task now is to create and populate a new Advisory Commission to oversee the operation of the specialty. If service on that Board is something that would interest you, please let me know.

Best regards,