Amendments to the Uniform Rules effective Jan. 1, 2014
New fee schedule for U.S. Court of Appeals

For “Bridging the Gap” attendees and other interested persons

This afternoon, I co-presented a CLE class on Louisiana appellate practice for the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Bridging the Gap seminar for newly sworn-in lawyers. For them and anyone else who may be interested, here is a PDF copy of my presentation.

As mentioned at the seminar, the Uniform Rule of Louisiana Courts of Appeal are being amended effective January 1, 2014. Among the amendments are substantial revisions to the rules governing briefs. To download a copy of the amendments, click here.

We talked a bit about typography. For those interested in making their briefs and other legal writing easier to read, the U.S. Seventh Circuit offers two free guides: its own Requirements and Suggestions for Typography in Briefs and Other Papers, and Ruth Anne Robbins’s Painting With Print. Both are must-reads for lawyers who understand that they are professional writers and publishers. In applying the information in these resources, however, be careful when writing for Louisiana courts of appeal. They have a specific rule on allowable fonts for briefs. See Uniform Rule 2-12.2.2 (current) and Uniform Rule 2-12.2(D)(2) (effective 1/1/2014).

Finally, here are two entertaining and informative articles about appellate practice by Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, U.S. Ninth Circuit:

  • In Praise of Moot Court—Not!, in which Judge Kozinski explains the differences between law-school moot-court programs and real-world appellate practice, and offers suggestions for making the former more closely resemble the latter.
  • The Wrong Stuff, in which Judge Kozinski explains how to lose an appeal.


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Thank you for sharing the materials.

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