It’s been fun, but I am done.

After thinking about it for quite a while, I’ve decided that this blog has run its course. Time to put ’er down. I have a lot of little reasons for this decision, but the big one is that my heart just isn’t in it anymore. Aside from my recent little piece about my almost-accident, I haven’t written anything heart-felt in a long time. And if I’m not up to doing that, I don’t see the point of continuing this project.

Which is not to say that this project hasn’t been fun or worthwhile. It’s been both. And I’ve managed to sustain this blog for nearly six years—an eternity in this ephemeral medium. And I’ve made many real friends on line, some (but not all) of whom I’ve met in person. I am grateful for those friendships, and I hope to sustain them by following and responding to my friends’ on-line stuff. But as for my own little corner in the blogosphere, well, it’s just time for me to move on.

I have been doing the Twitter thing lately. So if you feel inclined, please follow me there @minorwisdom. I promise to do that as long as I feel like it. (In Louisiana, we call that a potestative condition.)

Blogroll makeover

Like many bloggers, I’ve neglected my blogroll. Today I fixed that. So if you’re in the mood to check out a blog you haven’t seen before, I invite you to peruse my updated blogroll. I can’t guarantee that you’ll like everything you’ll find there, but I can guarantee (at least today) no dead ends. Everyone there is current, and at least in my opinion, everyone there has something interesting to say.

P.S. Besides my general blogroll on Minor Wisdom, I have legal-writing and appellate blogrolls on my other blog, The (New) Legal Writer. Some blogs formerly on the MW blogroll have been moved to one of those. So if you’re looking for good appellate or legal-writing blogs, check out those blogrolls on The (New) Legal Writer.

That’s Ashley’s line, damn it.

T-shirt. Yesterday a blogging friend from out of town was passing through New Orleans. We had lunch, and I told him about the late, great Ashley Morris and Ashley’s greatest hit, dated 27 Nov. 2005 and referred to locally as FYYFF. Today my out-of-town friend was wandering around the Quarter and spotted this T. If Hana and family are getting royalties, then good. If not, then ...

Inside the footprint

Inside the Footprint is a new blog by law students Brad V (of Letters in Bottles) and Curtis P (of Creole Tomatoes). The guys’ goal is to document the Mid-City neighborhood that would be destroyed if the proposed LSU-VA hospital is built there. Here’s an excerpt from their mission statement:

We believe locating the hospital(s) in other downtown locations, such as the vacant Charity Hospital, represents a better plan for moving forward—one that does not involve the eviction of numerous individuals and families who returned after Hurricane Katrina, the destruction of viable businesses, and the elimination of many historic structures.

While much of the footprint is in tough shape by a number of measurements, we hope to focus on the many aspects that nonetheless show that the neighborhood's wholesale elimination to make way for vast swaths of parking lots, for example, is unwise and should be avoided.

Check your widgets

As many of you know, I have two blogs: this one and The (New) Legal Writer. Until today, I had a widget on each blog that was a mini-RSS reader tracking the other blog. The idea was to integrate the content of the two blogs while keeping the blogs themselves separate.

Today the widgets are gone. Why? Because I noticed that they started carrying little pop-up advertisements—for which I was getting paid zilch. I’m not against advertising on blogs, but I resent having advertisements smuggled onto my blogs without my knowing about it or getting paid.

I don’t make money from blogging; instead I pay TypePad for the web space. As long as that state of affairs exists, these blogs shall be ad-free.

p.s. In place of the mini-RSS-reader widget, I’ve installed a less fancy feature, listing only the headlines of the other blog’s last five posts. It’s not as fancy as the widget, but at least it’s ad-free.