Analytics, linguistics, and Star Trek

  1. Applying science to science fiction, Matt Bailey analyzes Star Trek’s “Red Shirt Phenomenon.” What’s that, you ask? It’s simple: If you beam down to the planet with Captain Kirk while wearing a red shirt, you die. At least that’s the common thinking among Star Trek fans. Matt decided to put the RSP to the test, crunching the numbers and correlating red-shirt death to Captain Kirk’s taste in alien females.
  2. Meanwhile, on the other side of the quadrant, some Klingon-speaking humanoids have founded the Klingon Language Institute. Their web site has links to new Klingon words (those not yet in the dictionary), common Klingon phrases, and other information about “the galaxy’s fastest-growing language.” (Hint: If you want to insult a Klingon, tell him “Hab SoSlI' Quch!” That means “Your mother has a smooth forehead!”)