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April 13, 2011


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Account Deleted

I hear you. I lament that I don't blog more, but it seems that Twitter is the easy way to share links to stuff I find on the net, and anything else that I can spit out in 140 characters or less.
I'll miss your blog but I trust you'll continue the New Legal Writer blog.

Mike H.

Thanks for the worthy blog. I've followed it for several years and appreciated your soulful, insightful and thought provoking posts. The music videos you featured were always a treat. Thanks again.

Rob Schafer

Lurking reader here - thanks for the words!


Ray: Congratulations on a great innings. I hope you'll continue with the (new) legal writer. Ken

Mark Folse

I completely understand. Keeping up a blog worth writing is a lot of work. It's been fun. See you around or maybe on Twitter @wetbankguy.


Well, it was a good run. I will follow you on twitter but recommend you do not follow me. I am right wing and suspect your sinister :) leanings would not appreciate my retweets or comments. I am also supporting Herman Cain for President and tend to retweet select adds for him.

Curiously, I am also well connected in the gay porn community as a photographer, friend of Brent Corrigan and trusted familiar to many others.

You should let Fr. Shelby know directly so he does not come looking for Minor Wisdom in the future.

I just learned that Perry Henry was elected Provincial for the Western Province. That was over a year ago but was news to me.

I am considering going back to Perryvile in July-Sept for a few days to visit and take extensive photographs. Still in early planning though.

You have my public e-mail address but here it is again. albertntexas@gmail.com

Keep in touch friend.


Take care, Ray.

Michigan Accident Attorney

Good luck in the future, and thanks for the blog while it lasted. I'll try to find you on twitter.


thanks; I've enjoyed the ride


I've been a lurker for some time. I guess it is an end of an era.


Rob and Carol: In my book, there are no lurkers. There are only readers. Thanks for reading.

Steven J Fromm

Sorry to see you go, but I know how hard it is to maintain a blog. I am struggling with my time constraints for a website, blog, LinkedIn, Twitter and actually practicing tax law.

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