In Australia, do the puppies circle the supper dish the other way?
Crazy on them

Blogroll makeover

Like many bloggers, I’ve neglected my blogroll. Today I fixed that. So if you’re in the mood to check out a blog you haven’t seen before, I invite you to peruse my updated blogroll. I can’t guarantee that you’ll like everything you’ll find there, but I can guarantee (at least today) no dead ends. Everyone there is current, and at least in my opinion, everyone there has something interesting to say.

P.S. Besides my general blogroll on Minor Wisdom, I have legal-writing and appellate blogrolls on my other blog, The (New) Legal Writer. Some blogs formerly on the MW blogroll have been moved to one of those. So if you’re looking for good appellate or legal-writing blogs, check out those blogrolls on The (New) Legal Writer.



Ray, found this today, curiously enough from a New Orleans source. Farrah Fawcetts red swimsuit is going to the Smithsonian. Thought of you when I saw it. :)

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