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Friedman’s fearless football forecast for the Tulane Green Wave

Football season must be near, because Reuben Friedman has once again issued his annual predictions for the Tulane Green Wave’s gridiron success. Reuben is a die-hard Tulane fan, knowledgeable about Tulane football lore and college football generally. He predicts a 5-7 season for the Green Wave, but will be pleased if Tulane exceeds his expectations by winning 6 games and becoming bowl-eligible.

What I remember most about Katrina

We’re coming up on the 5-year anniversary of Katrina. On Saturday I’ll be at Rising Tide, a conference of New Orleans bloggers and other social-media types.

Here’s what I remember most about Katrina. Thanks to the kindness of people I barely knew, my wife and I had comfortable shelter during and immediately after the storm. Nevertheless, I remember waking up every morning during those days, and a thought crashing in seconds after I awoke: This isn’t a nightmare. It’s really happening. I really can’t go home. My city is really drowning.