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Harry Styron

When I started my blog in January 2009, WordPress assigned it the URL "" The blog is hosted for free by

I registered it with Avvo's Top Legal Blogs, with this URL.

A few months ago, I realized that it might make sense to have an URL with my name in it, so I moved my blog to the domain "" The initial URL assigned by WordPress is permanent, though WordPress makes changing to a personal domain very easy.

Then I checked the Alexa rankings and found that seemed to be ranked higher than, though I may have been confused. So I asked Avvo to change the URL associated with my blog, "Ozarks Law & Economy," to Avvo made the change, and with time the Alexa ranking of improved.

Now has an Alexa ranking much higher than, though both are climbing, with olp09.wordpress about 900,000 ahead. I'm watching to see if the gap narrows.

You can see the Alexa rankings for any URL at

What I don't understand is whether the Alexa rating for includes the traffic and links for, or if my rating factors are split by the two URLs for the same blog.

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