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What I've been working on lately

I don’t blog as much as I used to. Before February of this year, blogging was my only hobby. Now I have another: guitar. So now, a good bit of time I used to spend reading and writing blogs is instead spent on learning to play guitar.

One of my guitar goals for this year was to record a passable version of “Silent Night,” to upload to this year’s installment of our Christmas newsletter. “Silent Night” was originally written for guitar, and it’s a simple enough tune to make it a reachable goal. My excellent guitar teacher, Vincent, encouraged me to work on a slide version. With Vincent’s help, I worked up a minimalist arrangement (translation: simple enough for my meager talent). The thumb hammers the bass notes, which are played mostly on open A, low E, and D strings, except for one F# thrown in near the end. The fingers and the slide handle the melody.

So here it is. This is a home-made recording using my desktop computer. The guitar plugs into the compute through a Line 6 Guitar Port. The software comprises a virtual amplifier (Gear Box version 3.70.0) and mixer (Riff Works Line 6 edition 2.2.2), which I used to add a touch of reverb. I may do a few more takes of this before uploading to the Christmas newsletter, so please consider this a work in progress.

Silent Night take 4 mp3


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