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Inside the footprint

Inside the Footprint is a new blog by law students Brad V (of Letters in Bottles) and Curtis P (of Creole Tomatoes). The guys’ goal is to document the Mid-City neighborhood that would be destroyed if the proposed LSU-VA hospital is built there. Here’s an excerpt from their mission statement:

We believe locating the hospital(s) in other downtown locations, such as the vacant Charity Hospital, represents a better plan for moving forward—one that does not involve the eviction of numerous individuals and families who returned after Hurricane Katrina, the destruction of viable businesses, and the elimination of many historic structures.

While much of the footprint is in tough shape by a number of measurements, we hope to focus on the many aspects that nonetheless show that the neighborhood's wholesale elimination to make way for vast swaths of parking lots, for example, is unwise and should be avoided.


Brad V

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