Another miracle right under your nose
Quotation of the day

While you’re at it, why not ask for an imprint of my house key?

Apparently the phishers’ estimate of my intelligence has hit a new low. Here’s the text of an e-mail received today, supposedly from PayPal:

As a precautionary measure we have temporarily suspended access to your account. To re-activate this account, please print and complete the form below and fax it to one of the toll free fax numbers below. Please also include a clear copy of: 1. your photo ID (e.g. Driver’s license, Passport, Government issued ID document) 2. Send us a copy of all Credit Cards, both front and back 3. a recent utility bill depicting your name and registered residential address (e.g. telephone, electricity, water etc.) As soon as this information is received and reviewed, we will re-activate your account. *********************************************************************** *********
First Name:____________________
Middle Name: _______________________
Last Name:_____________________
Email: _____________________________
Home address:___________________________________________________________ City: ____________________
State: ________________
Postal Code/Zip: _________
Home Phone:_____________________
Work Phone: _________________________

I, the undersigned, declare and confirm that the above information is true and correct, and that the attached documents are true and correct copies of my valid identification. I duly authorize Paypal to use my details for further verification purposes. Signature:_________________________
Date: ___________________________ (MM/DD/YY)

We look forward to your co-operation in helping us protect your account and your funds. Best wishes Our TOLL FREE FAX number is: [fax number removed] - (USA)


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