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Technology in schools: A bad idea?

I'm neither a parent nor an educator, so I'm among the least qualified to expound on technology in schools. With that disclaimer, here is an interesting essay by Johann Christoph Arnold, in which he calls technology in school "the silent killer of our children's souls and characters." "True education has to be based on relationships with other people," Arnold writes. He continues:

In spite of the good things that on-line education has done in some situations, we need re-assess its value. Without wanting to be harsh, I feel it is an insidious demonic force aimed to silence children, to program them and turn them into robots.... The present generation is becoming more and more a generation of robots, and the results are everywhere.
It is a universal truth that separation from your neighbors—be it peers, parents or teachers—leads to inner damage and eventual death. Children will only become what they are meant to be when they can relate to their fellow human beings. To help children toward this goal, we have to give them personal attention and recognize them as individuals.

The comments are open. If you beg to differ, then have at it.


Bag Lady

It's pretty sad when education is mindless. So much potential good can also be used (often unintentionally) for evil.

My son was fortunate to attend schools that used technology, especially computers, as a tool, not as a babysitter or an opiate. Those schools were based on a culture of learning to relate to fellow humans in healthy ways. Limits were set (always important no matter the issue) and communal activity meant human interaction both in and out of the classroom, in sports, music, drama, model UN, service projects, etc.

If people (including educators and parents) don't know where they end and other people begin, they won't be able to set appropriate limits for those for whom they are responsible. The success of technology in bettering people's lives hinges not on hardware/software but on the presence of guides who are able to remain connected without being intrusive. Children who submerse themselves in computer games, etc., aren't learning from mature, connected people, and/or they're avoiding intrusive people.

My son is about to enter sophomore year in college, and he has a way better grasp of life than I had when I finished college!


Sure... Technology is so evil that we should just make it illigal! This author sounds crazy. (PS: Link is broken, see if you haven't seen the article.


i think technology give us a new learnong expirience so it is a good idea to have in schools

jack johnson

We live in the modern age where everything is technology. Who are we to tell our children they can't use technology to better their lives and future. Everywhere you turn there is some sort of technological use. Anywhere from computers to cell phones to even mp3 players. The world is changing and we need to be able to keep up with the future. Which is TECHNOLOGY.


I completely agree, and i am a kid too..

IT Guru

Kids have technology at their fingers everyday with cellphones and majority having a PC at home or accessible in a library or at a friend’s house. So having it at school is not teaching them anything they can’t/won’t learn outside of school. Using a protractor , cursive hand writing and making hand drawings to develop their brains in other ways. I learned IT in about 3 years of college I am now a Network Administrator. So saying that they need 10 years of school behind a computer makes no sense.

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