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I got out

Yesterday, Mayor Ray Nagin answered the question asked two posts down--"mandatory evacuation." My wife, our cats, and I evacuated yesterday, and are now in Jackson, Mississippi, enjoying the hospitality of Holmes and Gayle Adams. I have no idea whether my house still has a roof, but if it doesn't, we'll be alive to deal with it.



I am very glad you got out of harms way. My prayers are with you and everybody in the area.


Jackson, Mississippi? I've been there. Twice. I might have decided to stay in NOLA if Jackson was my only other option. Just saying.


Well, I take taht back, a little bit. At least go to the restaurant up by the Hilton, Huntington's Grill, and get the quail over cheese grits. Outstanding!


Great to hear!


Glad to hear you made it out and are all safe!


I still have family in New Orleans, they're fine but just sitting in mid-city on the second story. Go to nola.com and katrina photos, they have pictures of most every neighborhood in the city. A warning though, nothing you're going to see is very nice.


I'm glad you both evacuated. Call when you can. The door is open here for as long as you need. Love you brother. Hugs to Suzanne and the cats.


A colleague just forwarded an email describing the impact of Katrina on the state of law in New Orleans -- from the destruction to facilities and office space, the loss of computers, client files, libraries and so on. Not to mention the possible damge to or destruction of court files as a result of the storm, and the possibility that recent bar examinees will have to take the test again, if the exams did not survive the storm.

I'm sure business is several notches down on your priority latter at this point, but it's another aspect of the destruction that hadn't occurred to me until this morning. My heart goes out to you, Ray.


Hi, I am a friend of Harmony St. Charles. She asked me to let everyone on her "blogroll" know that she, her family & all her pets are fine. They are with other family members in Georgia. She doesn't have internet right now and will update as soon as she can. I hope that you and your family are also ok too.

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