In case your audience is a cranky federal judge ...
How to overcome writer’s block and procrastination

Mean it, then write it like you mean it.

Over at Bad Language, Clare Dodd has a great post on one of my tenets for persuasive writing. You could call it having the courage of your convictions. I call it not being afraid to write in your own voice. This requires that you believe in your message. Once you have acquired that belief, express it in your own words. Not in boilerplate from someone else’s brief. Don’t parrot someone else’s words. Internalize the message, then express your self.* Anyway, enough of my yacking. Click here to read and learn.


*Intentional space between your and self.



Writing what one believes in may be relatively easy compared to defending positions we know to be absurd. In our early studies of Philosophy, we had to defend philosophers that we were not real keen on. Lawyers are not the only ones that must defend absurd positions. Advice on how to deal with those situations would be welcome. I am guessing the Bible may have a few quips that would help but don't ask me where they are.

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