Bad typography = higher concentration?
They must know different legislators than I do.



Thanks for the link, Raymond. Here's another song I like with the same title, this one by Mojave 3. It wouldn't sound right with 'whom':


Good to hear from you, Stan! I love your work.

Here’s a link, not to another version of “Who do you love,” but to John McIntyre’s take on the who-whom question.,0,5861516.story


Thank you for the kind words, Ray, and for the link to John McIntyre's article. I had followed his link via Twitter, and updated my post with a short excerpt. There's more on 'whom' at Johnson, with good discussion in the comments:

Stephen R. Diamond

I offer a pro-whom perspective in "'For Who [sic] the Bell Tolls': Who-Whom and the native-speaker dogma in descriptivist linguistics." -


Thank you, Stephen. Me, I’ll observe the distinction in legal writing. In less formal settings, I may just do whatever comes naturally.

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