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Kendall Gray's editing techniques

Writng advice from the invisible gorilla

Dan Simons, of Invisible Gorilla fame, has a useful list of writing tips, including an editing checklist. You can find a link to Dan’s tips here. It’s meant for scientific writing, but it can be adapted to any form of expository prose. Just remember that Dan’s tips are general guidelines, not absolute rules.

For those unacquainted with the invisible gorilla, take this video test.



I saw 15 passes and the gorilla. I guess I missed the point of this vid.


Of course the test is deceptive. He asks us to count the number of times the players wearing white pass the basketball. There are two basketballs. Plural.


The first time I watched this video, I missed the gorilla. It was amazing. Now, however, I know that it's coming, so I always notice it. I think even just knowing from the outset that the video has something to do with an invisible gorilla may affect it. Your attention has to be on the basketballs.

As for the checklist, I thought it was great - but I'm wondering about the "which"-hunting. I know that the proper use of "which" is a subject of controversy. After reading some of the arguments on both sides, I'm inclined to believe that what's most important is how it sounds.

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