Impurity is sometimes good.
Two lessons

How to write for the client.

The good folks at What About Clients? care about good legal writing. By eliminating the legalese and communicating like a human being, a lawyer can produce client-centered writing: something primarily for the client; something the client can readily understand. If you agree, then you’ll enjoy today’s post, in which Dan Hull riffs on an unusually pompous and putrid example of bad contract drafting. I especially like Dan’s closer, in which he says that writing in plain English “would help diminish the image of the self-important ‘ I’m-special ’ lawyer rocking back and forth in his chair and talking to himself like a mental patient.”


Joanna Young

This is such good writing advice, not just for lawyers, though I guess lawyers do face particular challenges in getting past the legal-ese and sounding like human beings.


I just loved that last line, must go and check out the post!

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